Problem Loading Into Game

Lately, most of the times I am loading a game, I get stuck at 100% without proceeding into the actual game, while all the other players do or else, when I finally load into the game, it's been going for 2-3 minutes without me and there might be a remake vote on screen.. If remake happens while I am still at loading screen, then the loading screen closes and the client shows up where I am shown as the leaver. I have alredy been penalised 3 times by LeaverBuster for that. Also, in everygame I try to load, I get stuck briefly at 40% then continue then get stuck at 60% briefly and again continue and again get stuck at 80% for a short period of time. There is the link of my last game where I did not load in to game: And this is the "r3dlogs" file of this game:
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