Can't connect to server... not my problem and fault!

Hi. Yesterday and before that I was able to play LoL. I am able to play other online games. I am currently using internet to write this, so the internet works. Yet I can't connect to server when loading to game. Because of this my team was left 4v5. And of course they are mad at me. I also can't connect to custom games or even tutorial. It was not my fault. I have game, I have PC and I have internet that works. That should be enough. And I don't care about any excuses like firewall or IPv6... none of that is my problem. That is Riot's problem. It is Riot's problem to make the game run when those three things are working - PC, internet and installed game. Peoples shouldn't have to dig into advanced PC setting or access router to make it work. Riot should make the game work. And by the way, none of those problems seems to fix anything. Except the router port thingy, since i can't log into it. And I shouldn't fix anything anyway, since it worked just yesterday. You just punish me for 'leaving game'... Already had some kind of threat message that I had to Agree to... P.S. {{champion:23}} Arrrggghhh...!!!
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