No-one cares

No-one cares about TFT-ranked, no-one asked for it. You 'RIOT' said yourself it was going to be one of the rotating game-modes. But now you saw money instead of joy, leaving your own words a lie. Only the few players that come from HS, D2 auto-chess and the twitch-celeb that you paid- with their followers would care about this 'new' game-mode. Is it a coincidence there is a 'twitch rivals: teamfight tactics' event that rewards a lot of money to the broadcasters and at the same nothing but TFT works, i don't think so, but apparently we are forced to play TFT and even then it crashes left, right, middle and center. Fix the regular game mode where the majority of your player base spends their time + fix the Client, how can the old 2009 client run better than this 'up-to-date spaghetti code' 2017 client, stop trying to make things wok where it obviously never did. It isn't that hard; revert the 9.14 patch, make a apology statement saying; 'sorry', reset ranked ladders to earlier this week, fix people their accounts from being unable to connect to the server causing 'reconnect-loops' - 'instant bug-splats' and save face, because now, you as a company are wasting everyone's precious time and fueling more toxicity than the players in-game themselves. Sincerely a seasoned 2009 -season 1 veteran player, {{champion:22}}

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