Falsely accused for MMR Boosting,Requesting for a Rioter

So yesterday at 9:04am,I received an email from Riot Games saying that I was banned for getting boosted. What their email said was: MMR Boosting Suspension Summoner, Following an extensive audit by the Player Support team at Riot we have decided to ban the account: (my account) for participating in "MMRBoosting" . We define "MMRBoosting" as the act of someone other than the account owner logging into an account and playing a ranked match of League of Legends. We take this matter seriously as "MMRBoosting" violates our Terms of Use and creates an unfair environment for other players within League of Legends. In the future we strongly encourage you to avoid any activities which violate the Terms of Use and Summoner’s Code. Failure to do so will result in the permanent closure of the account. As a result of this punishment the following actions have been taken: Item 1 A 2 week suspension from League of Legends has been placed Item 2 Previous seasons' ranked rewards have been removed (skins, icons, borders) Item 3 Disqualification of any 2016 season ranked rewards _________________________________________________________________________________ -Now with all the information given from Riot Games about my ban I think that they falsely accused me for MMR Boosting because I dont recall giving my account to anyone and this might sound like a lie to you but I sincerely have never let anyone play from my account. -Where I think they made a mistake: A while ago I was on vacation on an island named Crete at Greece,there I spent a week with some friends and we played a few ranked games together as well.I believe that Riot Games thought that I gave my account to someone who lived at Crete but it was really me who was playing.But how can I show evidence that I was there when that I played all those ranked games?Here is a link of a picture of my ticket saying when and with which vessel I was coming back to Athens(my hometown) ( http://imgur.com/vkBQbdH ) .Also if you look at my games they are almost exclusively played as a support of which role I main. -What Im willing to do in order to prove my innocence: Anything Thanks for reading
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