It has begun.

I made a little request while ago to support to get my account to be permanently chat banned, on my request. I'm a temperamental person, if people flame me I will flame back, and it has gotten me chat banned few times, I don't like it so I wanted to permanently remove my ability to chat. Saying if it does not happen I will someday get banned for good, and that they have real chance to improve society and me by giving me chat ban. Here are the screenshots of that support conversation, where I asked for help to improve my behavior. result : I also told in private discussion there will be consequences if they will ban me, despite me trying for years to let it pass I am constantly harassed in this game but I can't quit it due addiction, resulting in situations that will get me heated up and flaming back at people, and that I need limitations on my account to be a positive player. It has begun. You had your chance. Now there will be consequences.
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