IMPORTANT!!!!! League of Legends RESTRICTED in Russia

This is very important! 48 hours ago the Riot Games services and League of Legends website were banned in Russia. I'm a british from Leeds currently taking my holidays in Moscow, Russia. I usually play Zed mid and last Monday, I found out that I couldn't connect to the server. I went to the website to look for the problem and discovered that the website no longer exists. I couldn't believe it, so I talked to my british friends by whatsapp, to my surprise, all of them were playing League of Legends at that moment without any problems. I tried the EUNE Server and the Russian server with no results. All access to have been cut in Russia. I tried loging on from my cell phone and from a different laptop, all with the same result. I called my internet provider in Russia (YOTA) but they didn't know anything about it. I accessed this forum now using a Proxy http:\\ and this is how I found out the truth. I can access league of legends website by proxy, which means that THIS WEBSITE HAS BEEN BANNED FROM RUSSIANS IPs I uninstalled the game but I can't install it again since the .exe file tries to download the data from without a proxy, then the access is denied. I can't speak russian that's why I'm posting this here. This is very serious, probably due to the war in Crimea. Does somebody know something About this? Is there any rioter who can confirm this to me? Thanks a lot
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