"Attempting to reconnect", once or twice, EVERY game

Hello, I am experiencing an issue that happens each and every game. I seem to get a disconnect or two (sometimes three) in a row, for 10 seconds each. These DCs (disconnects) happen to anyone playing with me on the same internet connection as mine. These DCs always happen between the 5th and 10th minute in game, but the time is not constant, so I cannot predict the moment it will happen. The problem hasn't always been here, only the last 2 to 4 months have I been experiencing this, I believe after a certain patch. I seem to have traced this problem to packet loss as I had a similar problem with Fornite after a certain patch (never got fixed) but I have never experienced this in Overwatch for example, which doesn't make sense to me. It is as if packet loss accumulates during the first 5 to 10 minutes of a match leading to a disconnect that then restaures the connection, in some weird way. Furthermore, this problem won't happen when a computer other than mine uses my internet connection to play League of Legends (without me playing as well) - (which was the same thing in Fortnite, weird issue). My Internet connection is of about 1.5 mb/s download (speedtest says 14.5 mb/s) and 0.7 mb/s upload speed. In-game ping is a constant 26-30 ms (stays so even before, during and after the present problem).
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