HACKED account got permanently suspended help

Hello everyone first of all i just wanna tell you the story I have been playing league of legends for some years now then i took a brake and started playing Counter strike global offensive. i came back now i cant log in to my account i go on to www.lolking.com and check my username eriksson18 and i see that one guy is playing on my acc and he is ranked gold so he is really playing on my account i was bronze so i go on to the support page and tell my story to them. they ask me for some questions and i can say they are hard to answer nobody can remember the first 5 champions you bought.. here are the questions i got What was your first 6300 IP Champion you bought? What was your first 4800 IP Champion? What was your first 3150 IP Champion? What is your first skin purchase? What was the first gift ever received on this account? From whom? What was your first gift? To whom? First item ever purchased with RP: Previous Summoner Names: Have you ever transferred from one server to another? If so please list the servers and dates: Other email addresses used on this account and i can say i cant answer on like 7 things becuse i dont remember it was like 3 years ago and i dont even remember what i did a month ago i can tell what server i was on and not the date but i was on nordic but then i change to eu west but i dont know the date. so here i am hoping someone can help me i have played so long time and its my blood and tears when i lvl 30 i even got some profs that its me i got a email from riot to me 2012 that i have changed my password on eriksson18 but that dosent matter i see.. here is his mail to me ""Unfortunately, this account has been permanently suspended due to the extent to which it has been compromised. Accounts that have been highly-compromised pose a risk for other players, and, as mentioned previously, are at risk for suspension. All players are responsible for the security of their accounts. Please let me know if you have any constructive feedback. I’m sorry if this decision disappoints you, but it is final. "" so plz help me im not that good at english but i hope you can read it... im using a friends account to writh this and he is besid me :)

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