Issues with ping and logging in

I just went into a game and had no issues what-so-ever but then suddenly the game became very unstable pingwise, jumping to 240 ping stable, becoming insanely jittery, asked if anyone else in my game had issues, they said no - so I exit the game thinking the connection between my computer and the server was unstable, but when I got out of the game, and tried to log in again, I couldn't, it was loading for like 4 minutes straight - and when I finally logged in, I was met with a black screen, non loaded game and store issues - I couldn't even reconnect? So I exit the client AGAIN restarted my PC and tried logging in again - same thing, unable to login for 4 minutes where it just loads until it finally lets me through - then finally I get in - all black again... So I want to ask, is it just me? All my speed tests and stuff say there's no issues - I even fired up wireshark to see if something was going on with getting past my router, but nope... Things got sent alright
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