Constantly freezing in 5 vs 5 games

Hi! I have a terrible issue making the game unplayable for me =( When I start the game everything is fine but then it freezes completely usually between 5th and 10th minutes of the game. I have to switch the process off with the Windows task manager or restart my PC completely. After I do this and reconnect the game works fine until I start a new one. This problem appears every new 5 vs 5 game (Ranked, Normal, vs AI, ARAM). I tried custom game and it was OK It started yesterday and continued to appear today **Does anybody know the answer?** I literally cannot play {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} I already updated my GPU drivers, switched off discord overlay and tried other things I could find across the Internet. I can send any kind of logs (client logs, hextech tool logs etc.) Happened in those games for example: Logs collected by hextech repair tool Pastebin with some errors
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