FPS drops on high-end PC's

So only recently have I been experiencing this but GOD it's tedious to deal with. Basically I have my FPS capped to 144, since my monitor is 144hz and it's an ideal frame rate which should be easy to achieve with my specs. However, in recent patchs I've noticed drops down to 100 or so, while this isn't really the problem it's the major stutter which triggers when the FPS drop occurs. I'm yet to experience this in any other game then league, ran the repair tool and everything and have no feedback from it so I'm at a loss as to why I'm getting this major stutter. Anyone got this problem or know of any causes/solutions, thanks! Specs as listed below: Graphics Card * ASUS STRIX 1080TI OC CPU * INTEL CORE i7-8700k (clocked to 5GHZ on all cores) Motherboard * ROG MAXIMUS X HERO RAM * Corsair DOMINATION DDR4 32GB Drive * Samsung (MZ-V6E500BW) 500GB EVO SSD Monitor/Displays * ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q 27 inch (+ 2 additional EDGE10 1080p monitor, HTC VIVE box without the vive connected, graphics tablet) Power Supply * Cooler Master V1000 PSU *EDIT* So a little update on this matter, I just experienced the worst stutter so far. The second I use Lucian ult, pretty much my whole PC crashed, audio and all (it recovered the second my ult ended). I had multiple programs monitoring hardware and there was no change in anything, everything was running how it should be and had no drops or jumps.

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