Hello Riot :), as u see from my title im tilted, im so tilted i want to say every bad word possible, u want ur players to be less toxic and so on while one of the biggest problems is ur game itself. Today im going to be focusing on the runes problem, yes im tallking about the "new" reworked runes and mastaries which are both together now, I have 6 rune pages but that doesnt matter at all, why? CAUSE I CAN'T access any of them when im in my champ select in ranked game and wait there's more, this isn't the first time this has happened to be, tbh this bug is up for more than 1 year as i know, since "new runes" have been released. How the hell can't this be fixed??? If memory serves me well, this bug became recently became active again... Sometimes secondary rune tree doesn't matter much cause it can be used to some level or it fits at all, but this time it was completely different. This is the story about how i lost ranked game for team. So it all begun when i decided to go for a ranked game, it was my first game of the day, everything was great till i saw my runes. Of course i saw them after locking in Renekton mid and getting zed as an opponent. I Couldnt change my secondary runes to resolve and take bone plating and demolish. Instead of those i got absolute focus and gathering strom (late game runes which are so bad for a early game bruiser). Cause of the runes i wasnt able to trade properly in lane and i died. Ofc it all doesnt stop there, after killing me zed got lane pressure, he could easily win simpliest trades and here comes the second part. He roamed alot, like to all lanes, meanwhile i can't really follow him into my jungle to help the lanes cause i might get killed by him and i can't hardpush mid cause guess what, i don't have demolish. Long story short i got tilted after my first death. And started to play stupidly did alot of mistakes and generally didn't care much about the game. I know i lost the ranked game for my team and i know that if the runes wouldnt have been bugged the game would have been won. Our bottom was wining, and even at that state we managed to comeback a bit. My jungle, was being invaded by zed all the time, he became really toxic and flamed me hard, top laner also joined on the flame train. Bottom was being nice, support was really supportive but it didn't help. Im so angry and sad that the game was lost, some players didnt derserve to lose including me. Top lane though im picking rene mid cause of youtube video, while i had 90% game win ratio with him while winning lane every single time. And out of those games i played againts zed two times once completely destroying zed and other time going equal while helping side lanes more and being ahead on farm. Also the latest time i encountered this bug was yesterday :) My question is why are u doing nothing? How can it take u more than two years to fix one bug. Also im not being greedy but i think my team deserves to at least get their LP back for that game. Rank: Plat 2 Mode: Solo q

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