Why does my LoL keep crashing randomly every game?

Ok, so this has been happening for a while now (approx 2 months) and I have no idea what it is... I have tried updating my drivers and reinstalling LoL but nothing works. Sometimes I even have to restart my PC. This issue is really frustrating, especially when playing ranked. Here's the log: https://pastebin.com/WxEQ7i7M **Sidenote:** I run the game smoothly with 100+ FPS and 20-30 ms **EDIT: I think I found a solution to the problem!** 1. Search for "Indexing options" on Windows (Also exists in control panel) 2. Click modify and uncheck the folder that starts with csc:// 4. Click advanced and then click "Rebuild index". 5. Wait for it to finish and restart your PC.
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