So... Vayne is... well... interesting.

So we all know those Vayne players who ult-Tumble into an enemy team by themselves but I'm not here to talk about the players. Just Vayne in general. So I haven't really gotten any idea how to play against her. Let's say I'm a tank. It doesn't help if I build armor cause she does true damage. The counter to true damage is build health right? Well what do I do when she does %max health true damage. Then she has stealth, Tumble which when paired with Furor is amazing mobility for an ADC. And trying to 1 v 1 a Vayne is... painful. If she can't kill you she would simply condemn you away or against a wall. I know this sounds like a hate post but I really just want some tips on how to deal with Vayne. Thanks for the help. P.S. Telling me to just cc her is much easier said than done, so that's not exactly a helpful answer.
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