Very wierd privacy policy that makes no sense, and support response with double standards

EDIT: Problem is solved TL;DR: (seriously spare youself time and do not read this bullshit) Me talking about how unfair I feel it is that I cannot get a summoner name on an inactive level one account, because privacy reasons that made no sense to me THEN, but I understand now ~~ I recently submitted a ticket regarding a Summoner name I would like to have. My issue was that even though it was taken, it was located on an inactive level one account. And I am not talking about an account there just havn't been played on in a while. I am talking about a pure trash account, just there to be there with an AWESOME summoner name. I know that after 6 months this will be available, but I have no idea when this counts from on that account, if it is one month from now, 4 months or what, as it has no match history, so I cannot see when it has last played a game. Then I wrote a ticket to support explaining that I wanted that name, and I just wanted to hear if I they would let me know when the account would be flagged inactive/when it was created. Response: No because it intrudes the account holder's privacy. What the fuck How is it to intrude someone's privacy to say when their account was created? I mean what things could I POSSIBLY DO WITH SUCH INFORMATION? Other games and services has this information open to the general public, like every forum ever etc, etc. Why don't LoL do that? Well I cannot even find out MY OWN join date without checking my email for LoL mails. I can live without the Summoner name but this is just ridiculous. The account is a trash account, not being played on, has never been played on and holds the best summoner name ever. Heck this could even be someone's friend who just created that account with that name, to piss his mate off because he talked about switching to that name as nobody has it. The point is, that this is not someone's main account, this is not someone's smurf. This is an account gathering dust, and has done that for quite some time. If a mind-buggling stupid privacy policy wasn't enough: This is a quote from the response I got " we do not release information about when a specific account might become inactive. Our intention is to make sure Summoner names have good, active homes, but " No! Not but! Just not the but! Good active home is at my account. There must be a way to make an exception in my case as this is not and I repeat NOT an account made for playing on. This account was maybe made to be a smurf or maybe just to be there because the owner thought it was a good name and wanted to save it for himself on his main account because he didn't have the money atm. and thought he could delete it or something. But THIS IS NOT A MAIN ACCOUNT and even if it was, telling when it was created would still not give me any information of value so that I could get his name or anything (AND CHECK OUT HIS FACEBOOK, OOOOOH WONDER WHAT KIND OF FRIENDS HE HAS). My point is that I dont plan to abuse any information, just wanna get the Summoner name I have been watching for some time~~
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