Hello guys, i have something really important to share to you, because this could affect some of you too and the person behind this should be punished Recently a friend of mine got his Account perma banned, because his Account got sold. First he noticed some setting changes in game, which was strange. After that he changes his password, because why not. Someone could have hacked his Account or what ever. And then he got perma banned. The reason: "You got banned for using a third-party program...". Maybe someone used a programm like that or scripted or what ever, i can't say anything about that. That alone is strange enough, but luckily a good friend of his got us some screenshots (before the ban), where he was chatting with his Account. I'll try to translate this chat into english as best i can. Let's say the banned friend Account is Person 1 and his friend is Person 2. Person1: Who are you? Person2: .-. rly? Person1: I just bought this account Person2: sure and i am pregnant Person1: really Person2: sure sure sure, who you want to mess around with Just come Even is this account is bought Person1: ok but i am d2 on my main Person2: is ok "Sami" (name of my friend who got hacked/banned) what ever, another time Person1: can do that Person2: I'll just play war thunder now Person1: I'm rdy Person2: discord? or another time Person1: is the normal owner still activ? Person2: DUUUUUUUUUDE get lost Person1: thought it was an inactive account Person2: this account wasn't sold xD Person1: it was Person2: you just want to mess around with me Person1: come voice chat if you don't believe it Person2: sure sure what ever you say lol Person1: ??? Person2: you can't mess around with me Person1: **redacted**(the site, where he bought his account) euw accounts Person2: wow real like that (he posted an adult site :/) :D nohomo bro u know Person1: ??? do you know the owner personally? I mean this dude isn't that guilty. He thought he bought an inactive account,which is not the case. This Account was hacked or they got this data, sold his account as an inactive account on this site. The reason why i am sharing this, is because there may be another person, who lost his account like that, which is just wrong... Hope the riot support or someone else will do something about this. (Link for the screenshots of the chat (if someone can read german):

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