So this so called ''riot''

Excuse me riot but your hosting devices are really bad why dont you use money those fools uses on this game to host the game with better networks etc i played today 2 rankeds first ranked - garenVSriven top , rekt riven 2/0/0 untill 17:31 ping pomps 300 /ALSO OUR TEAM JINX WAS DISCONNECTING ALL THE TIME WITH 700 PING ,WHAT HE TOLD ME Second ranked TryndamereVStrundle , rekt trundle 1/0/0 with over 70 farms more untill 16:42 ping pomps 500 FIX YOUR DEVICES USE THOSE FOOLS MONEYS TO GET BETTER NETWORKS AND NO ITS NOT MY NETWORK CAUSING ME PING PROBLEMS EUW IS FULL OF PROBLEMS"!

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