Fix your servers, playing ranked game, d/c 5 times.

Fix your game servers now. I'm currently in a game... can't play cause it d/c constantly. Update: Since then, got d/c 3 more times. No problems on my end. Update: 3 more times now. Update: I want 1350 RP for suffering such mental trauma from so many d/c, and then I will forgive you for losing me my ranked game. Update: Played more time in base than outside of base with so many d/c. One more thing to add: Haven't played for years, came back, played 3 days in a row, said positive things, like making people feel good, have a good game, saying that it's ok, it happens, almost all games. And then, I recieve ONE KEY FRAGMENT!!! ONE! OMG!! It feels better to be toxic and to reply back to trolls and flamers, than to actually stay positive in this game.
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