Lower FPS after Patch 7.22

Since I've updated to 7.22 I've been experiencing some performance issues (just like many people as I'm sure you're aware): - At the start of the match and during most of the laning phase the game runs almost as well as it used to I'd say... BUT after a couple of minutes (15-20min., maybe less, I'm not 100% sure) the FPS start drastically dropping and dropping even more as the game progresses. I usually had 180-200 fps out of combat, around 120-140 in lane and around 90-100 in the most busy teamfights. But now as time passes in each game the FPS get lower and lower, first to 100 max, then 80... It gets to a point where in the lategame I'm playing at around 65-68fps and it drops to the 40's during teamfights... Closing the client didn't help at all btw. Laptop Specs (Lenovo Ideapad Y700): - Nvidia gtx960m - i7-6700HQ - 16GB ram I always use MSI Afterburner and I checked the temps: - Max GPU temp was 68C and Max CPU temp was 77C, so it's not thermal throttling. GPU and CPU usage look normal. I also checked if the game was using the nvidia gpu and not the integrated graphics and it was indeed using the nvidia 960m. (It's on default btw) Another thing I find very weird since the new 7.22 update is whenever I right click on the LoL launcher and try the "Run with graphics processor" and select either "High-performance NVIDIA processor (default)" or "Integrated graphics" it says I don't have the privileges to select the GPU in this menu and that I have to open the Nvidia control panel. This only started happening since this patch (as far as I'm aware of) and this warning message doesn't appear when I do this with any other game. Also, I believe this drop in frames is worse when I play adc, but I'm not entirely sure about this part. Could be wrong as I'm mostly focused on the game and don't monitor the fps non-stop during the matches XD Let me know if there is anything I can do or any more info I can provide. Best regards PS: I already sent a ticket with this info yesterday.
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