Technical questions regarding bans

Dear rioters and people reading this thread; I have high regards towards this game and his customer support, especially the fact that i still, after a 4 year ban, i still get emails of Riot regarding several instances and updates i have to make for this account's sake. (last to date being riots account). I have submitted many tickets to the support explaining my case (wich i will do breifly in a line at the end). All of wich resulted in a "you wont get your account suspension unveiled." But yet i still get emails and such; linked to this account. So my humble question is, is there a way this ban get unveiled despite what the support told me two times in a row ? I lent this account to a friend, and then while under his use i got this account suspended, for a reason i still, to this day, not know. (worth almost 1.000 dollars with seval thouthand of hours of played) I know it was my bad and i have been foolish. Tresspassing a rule and i should get punishement for doing so. But to this day i still care about this account, deeply. It means so much to me. And yes i made misstakes but misstakes happens and have 4 years not been enough penance ? I went to law school and we learn there that punishment should be proportional to the crime commited. Furthermore you can see that for the 5 to 6 years of playing that comes before this ban you would see a flawless behaviour, implying no previous bans, no chat bans, close to no reports etc. And of course the events that caused the ban can clearly be linked to a whole different IP being used at the time if that makes sense. Also that this account have been played on on a daily basis since season 1 (9 years ago) (And i know that Riot Games keeps track of those data, and i know it matters to them as it does to us.) So is it over ? Have i got no chance to get my little baby back ? Should i start mourning now and try moving on, or is there hope ? That in this time of celebration of the tenth anniversary of this game i could get the most precious present one can ever get ? (This request will be send to the support a third time; wich is supposed to be a charm right ?; in case no rioters would respond to this thread). Yours Faithfully, A dedicated player.
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