Why Chat Restriction is bad

Hey there, Summoners. Recently I got a chat restriction punishment due to toxic attitude. I would like to adress that Chat Restriction brings you to a worse position. The reason I'm saying this is because, people have been accusing me of being toxic and calling at the all chat to report me because i might not be doing well in the game and they've understood that I have a chat restriction so they know that I can't respond to their message in the all chat. That can get some chat restricted summoners even banned because as I believe, the banning system is just counting the reports and I think it uses some in-game stats for a calculation. Apart from that though, I know that a program can be able to look through the chat, but I believe many reports would make it be sure that the person that has been reported was flaming during the game. In conclusion, people can abuse the system in a way since they know that the other person is chat restricited. Thanks for reading, Reforged Sword
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