Cannot load into a game. Loading screen stuck at 40%

So basically this issue appeared suddenly a few days ago. Everything about my launcher works perfectly fine. I can get into champ select and everything. Game goes into the loading screen. I load very quickly to 40% and then it stops loading. I then get stuck on loading screen and no matter how long I wait I never load past 40%. My ping is 12. All other players are stuck on some random percents as well. Same thing happens in custom games vs bots etc. Reconnecting does not help. Turning the game off and starting it back again to reconnect to the game also doesn't help. I tried reinstalling the game, I tried the full repair tool, I tried multiple solutions that I could find online but nothing helps. I have no issues with my internet speed (60mbps). No other game or launcher has any kind of issues. My computer is brand new since I got it for Christmas so I have no third party software or shady programs on it. Does anyone have any ideas?

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