Help me w/ Abilitycolors please!

Hi there I've been trying amazingly hard to recolor the outer ring of Orianna's W (File Name: Orianna_Base_W_cog32) but no matter what I try it ends up in a shade of blue. And I've been digging through all the .dds files of Orianna's particles to see if any were a shade of blue but no. I haven't checked any .troybin files yet on colorcodes that I could try to change, but anyhow can someone maybe explain to me why its always a shade of blue and never the color I try to make it appear like? Lvl 5 Orianna main, Jack p.s. I didn't know on which board this would be better, so I just put it on Help & Support because that seemt like the quickest way to get help with this.
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