i am leaving this game forever but i want to say one last thing about this game

most of the players are bronze and silvers .... u have major problem there ... something that ruin the community, if u want a fun game for most of the players (bronzes and silvers ) you must do something about smurfs and boosters.... you must ban those accounts... you are talking about sportmanlike behavior, and this is a symbol for unfair game. there are 2 reason for this to happen, there is a software .. u activate this on acc, and then u can freely play all night against bots and get free xp against bots.... and free ip... than u can make an acc lvl 30 in 3 days ,, and u here u go ... diamond player plays in bronze or silver... there are players who paying to be boosted ... and then they are in s2 or s1 and they are far below the common level ... on the other hand there are many smurfs .... and it makes this game unfair... u must focus on locating those accounts and banning them ... without this action ... your low level players community is going to doom
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