Experiencing high ping when I didn't use to.

Hello everyone, my ign is WalkingWarrior, in the past days I have been experiencing a high ping about 160 - 200 ping when I usually play with a ping of 70 - 90. This has never happened to me before for such a long time, it's been going for 3 days now. After 1 p.m (I live in Portugal, so Lisbon time, GMT + 1) I get a ping between 160 - 200, I have contacted my ISP ( NOS ) several times and they keep telling me that it is not their problem and that it should be the server I am pinging's problem. Even though that sounds like bullsh*t to me because I get this ping not only on LoL, but also on CS, DotA, Teamspeak, etc. If someone has a similar problem and/or if you know how to fix this, please message me through the foums or in game or leave a comment. Thank you very much. Good luck on the Fields of Justice. EDIT 1: I do not know if the ping increases only after that hour, but it seems as if it was that the case. EDIT 2: It would be good if an official Rioter offered some help as they know much more about this than me.
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