is this ban fair?

Game 1 In-Game 22091994: reported brand 22091994: brand rep 22091994: brand 2 22091994: REPORT BRAND PLS 22091994: REPORT BRAND 22091994: u LIKE THAT FEED MORDE? 22091994: he ints and now afks 22091994: u dont care lol 22091994: then im reporting you too 22091994: i dont care about losing 22091994: i care about the brand 22091994: he inted and afked 22091994: lol 22091994: its no big deal to have a inter and afk in our team? 22091994: oh ok i hope u get one every ranked game u get 22091994: so its not ranked so its fine the have wasted time because of inters and afks 22091994: its really fun to lose games because of inters and afks rigth? 22091994: really fun 22091994: brand and corki giving out kills 22091994: 0/9 22091994: atleast get a kill 22091994: 0/9 22091994: for what ? 22091994: i didnt flame 22091994: riot will decide 22091994: corki got a kill after 17 mins Post-Game 22091994: maybe if brand and corki didnt gave free kills i say i want to report inters and afk players and im the one who gets a ban ?
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