forgeottin Email

hey I've created a very old account ( before 5 years or so ) and I forgot it's email bcs I didn't use it long time ago . so , I sent a support ticket for riot support to help me retrieving my email but they asked me to give them a lot of information that no1 will care about like what's the first 5 champs ( I have 38 ) what's the first skins ( I have just 5 ) when I created it ( MM/YYYY ) I don't even remember these information I just need to know its email and then I can do what I want I'm sure what is the password of that email I just need the email itself its not danger to give someone email if he don't know the ID or Pass of an account but that account is mine and ik and sure whats the pass of the email so any1 got anyway to get the email please ?? sry for long
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