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Greetings , My account is being locked because I was sharing it with my friend which I trust , * Right now the one that's speaking is the creator of the account ... so let's go on the subject: * - I had shared this account with a friend long time ago , because his account got a permanent suspension and surely he wouldn't start from the zero point all over again... so he started with that account and then like 1 week ago he contacted them because every time he goes to settings to change account details as it was going to be his account ( I Legally gave it to him with 100% correct transaction he nearly payed me like 5$ because also I had to leave this game before for some life issues and he wanted the account ) and every time he goes to the settings and goes to verification code it sends the verification code to another e-mail however we changed the e-mail together... so he contacted the support and he was being honest when they asked him about personal information about the account and he said honestly to not be lying that this isn't his account and it's for his friend and he bought it from me... then they said it was against terms and they asked for screenshots for evidence he gave them screenshots of the transaction as it was from the page I posted the account for sale on , then on their next reply they refused saying it was against the terms and they wouldn't unlock it , yesterday my friend contacted me in an angry voice telling me what happened and I told him I would handle it and he gave me the password, so I sent a ticket yesterday saying what had happened.. and I wanted to give them the personal information about the account like... the original e-mail ,date of creation But They also replied to me saying that this account is locked because it was against the terms ... To the creator? I mean what's this ... I shared it with a friend I trust I didn't do something illegal , Also no one said anything about this account getting comprised and yet they considered it as a crime or something .. even it was against the terms .. The one that's speaking is the creator of the account , providing you with the proper information you asked for .. why can't you unlock the account ??
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