Feedback from a player who owns all obtainable skins

Hi guys! I've have all skins that you can obtain right know and a few skins that are not obtainable any more. I've been wondering if there will be anything to do with orange essence in the future other than upgrading skinshards. I have ~36k orange essence and have no idea what to use it for. I get new skins by rerolling three skinshards since it gets me a skin i do not own. I usually never get a shard for a skin i don't have... Also i would really really appreciate it if you could implement a counter showing you how many skins are still available to get from rerolls. It happened a few times i wasted a reroll, because some skins like Dark Star Cho and the new Worlds Ryze Skin are not rerollable. It would be VERY helpful if there would be a counter so rerolls would not be wasted for any shop items you can not obtain through rerolls. I know this is not a thing that a lot of players have problems with but espacially a counter should not be a hard thing to implement but still a HUGE feature for people like me... TY for 10 years and keep up the **awesome** work! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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