[Answered] Is this supposed to be fair?

So I (tried) to play a normal game of Zed today, to practise him and just have fun. When I play games, I usually look up what division the enemies are so I could know whether how I'm doing is affected by the skill of my opponents. I know some diamonds and some bronzes do not actually deserve their division but this game, Draven was clearly diamond and Ezreal should've maybe deserved bronze, not level 27. Also, we didn't get horribly molested that game, but our bottom lost their lane pretty badly. The system to choose your opponents seems to be absolutely horrible. I have had such situations where the enemy team has like 2 diamonds and 3 plats (I'm Gold V myself) and our team has 3 silvers and 2 golds. I know it is just a normal game, but it's still very annoying. I don't mind, if there is a diamond in the enemy team, but if we have a level 27 who is against him/her, it really pisses me off. Is there something I don't know about the matchmaking system? Or is everything correct and level 27-s are supposed to be matched against diamonds? Thank you. TL;DR: I got matched up against a diamond player in a normal game while my team had a level 27 player. I would like to know whether it's supposed to be like that or not. LoLNexus: https://gyazo.com/db6800d2f23fc9229bd89cb913752ced Game stats: https://gyazo.com/e73f5c6360493bf9eaa510253ba8223f
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