A serious Lag problem (May be the Weridest)

Hi,i was playing LOL from a year now and i was playing it great with a landline 2Mbps internet speed with 90 ping but i gone to a new house in a new city and there was no landlines so i had to find other way to get internet so i found a company named online internet that provides over-air internet and i superscribed for 2Mbps and i was having the full speed but there is a problem, When i started LOL the ping goes from 250 - 350 (while it was not doing this in the landline internet i had before and the over-air internet was not really unstable it was fine most of the time), So now i can't play LOL ever as it's too slow in responding and i keep losing, So in first i thought this company was limiting internet to famous online games (as iam in Egypt all ISPs are selfish and greedy and have slow internet speeds with high prices and even though they try to limit user's internet usage as they can and from them limiting bandwish for specific servers and even trolling and lowering internet speed ) so i tried a VPN that limit speed to 3Mbps (Even faster of mine while it's free subscription dammit!!!) and it didn't make any change so i searched around and found out about changing the DNS server of my isp to google's DNS server ( so i tried this and the ping goes from 650 - 800 !!! and i didn't see anyone reported something like this anywhere so iam now helpless and i can't play LOLever nor can't find any solution so can somebody help?
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