Plans on supporting Unicode in in-game chat?

Hi. As of now, for cyrillic symbols are not displayed in-game. I understand that it is most likely intentional and serves to "soft prohibit" communication that is not understandable by whole team (read: not in english) But I have my argument against it (in from weaker to stronger order): **1.** often there are games (esp in 3x3), when all teammates are russian. So, the absence of cyrillic symbols is very inconvenient. **2.** **it is of little help in forcing communication in english!** People speak spanish, german, french, dutch all the time! What a limitation on cyrillic is only doing, doesn't allow to chat in russian language, and anyway, ppl can communicate in russian using transliteration. So the (assumably) main reason why this limitation exists, kinda doesn't represent the problem correctly. What is really happening, everyone speaks the language they want, with some pretty irrelevant limitation, that is biased towards cyrillic and greek symbols (not words!). **3.** _and the main reason why i, personally, **need** it_: I can't play on russian server. I cannot ducking stand translated names of items and spells and stuff. It is shitty as hell, why in the world I would change in-game language, while I play 7 years on english client? I can switch to english client on russian server, but after that I'm not able to read chat. I know, people wonder, why russians play on EU servers, that's one of reasons for me (longer queues also). Mb rito wonders too, why people don't transfer. I guess part of the reason is: everyone is ducking obliged to use russian client, which is extremely poor decision from rito side. Russian client is just ugly, nothing can force me to use it. I don't know what other reasons hold rito from adding cyrillic and greek symbols into english client. But in my view it's pretty hard to repel arguments that I've named. It must be someone's life's at stake or smth.. Thanks.
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