Some sort of lag while ping is fine

Hello everyone! I've been facing this issue for a week now. My game ocassionaly starts having lags as if my ping were 300 or sth. It starts happening at around 4 pm and probably ends somewhere in the evening. That being said, morning and late night games are perfectly fine and playable with no delays. However if I hop into a game straight after lunch it's pretty unstable! At times some commands won't even happen and others will be delayed. I thought it was input lag cause of vertical sync but that isn't the case; however, vertical sync wouldn't explain why the game works just fine in the morning.. It's my first time having this kind of an issue while my ping never tops 70.. I've tried restarting both my computer and my router. I've checked and I think that the lag happens on my laptop too? Any ideas? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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