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Hello there, Would like to share some stuffs with You guys, hopefully You could help till Riot fix their own "service" aka Riot Direct. Its been few years since Riot Direct first his my country and its been bad ever since. The problem occurs frequently in any game mode and its a delay/lagspike of ~0.25s-0.5s-1.5s. While they blame Your ISP's and whatnot which is some cases is true, in my case things go differently. There's been 0% package loss / delayed or missed packages inside my ISP network, but as the trace hits "" things goes South. These are the tests they requested : So from the picture 1 and 2 we can see severe "package loss" on the stated hop / After few hours there was some "movement" there as they intended to "fix" it. Which leaded to : There are package loss and the missing packages that poor pingplotter cant even show. Final statement on the ticket was: I'm gonna quote some stuffs for You: -We're going to look into this with the Riot Direct team, to see if and what are the issues related to your ISP. -If any of this data is routed incorrectly by your ISP, then unfortunately, it's expected for packets to drop in the internet exchange point, due to its network policies, as well as given the fact that each IX has its own routers, QoS rules, firewalls. So basically a 0% package loss network is the one to be blamed again. So I've contacted my provider just in case this statement was correct. After 24hrs of tests, my ISP came with the conclusion, that there are no issues inside the network and if there were, I would feel them in other games, as delays/lagspikes or some sort of disconnect. Currently and in the past I had zero issues playing or Streaming : WoW Diablo 2 and 3 /NA and EU/ PUBG /NA and EU/ Ring of Elysium Black Desert Online /NA/ pre Steam /China/ Warframe /even hosting raids/ Path of Exile Guild Wars 2 DotA 2 Blade and Soul /China and EU/ Soul Worker /pre Steam/ Closers Online /pre Steam/ Neverwinter /pre Steam/ and many many more. BTW, if Riot removes the "Riot Direct" service in my country, I would have no issues playing as in the past. But other players will have issues, due to the networks used by their providers. So in conclusion : Riot has done nothing for few years now, to fix the issue. Simply ignoring the "FACT" that their service is the problem. TL;DR Constant Lagspikes of 0.25-0.5s+ The Problem comes from the Riot Direct service. /proof+facts above/ They haven't done anything in the past few years to fix it. Hope You can help me delete their delusional state of mind, so I can finally enjoy a lag free game. PS : sorry for the "english" :)

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