Remove or sell champions?

Why is there no option to remove champions or sell them? Got about 70 champions. Buying them or bought with packs. But some I dislike or hate to play, some have been changed, but I don't want to play them. And no, I dont want to start over and make a Aram account. Before you'll say "Its aRam for a reason" or things "The point is to collect them all." I heard this before but its nonsense. Nor do I really care if you think differently about those champions. Is there any way to get rid of champions? This is the list I want gone: Amumu, Anivia, Gangplank, Cho'gath, Corki, Dr Mundo, Evelynn, Garen, Jax, Kayle, Kennen, Morgana, Nocturne, Poppy, Rammus, Singed, Sion, Soraka, Taric and Tristana. If I end up with one of these I just quit the pre-game in the last 10 second countdown and wait 15 minutes to search for another match.
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