game isn't working since the last update

since the last update(the one with shaco and garen rework) i haven't been able to play the game first when i updated the game it was updating normally but when the update finished(the new client with ekko,lux and annie in the picture) i tried running the game but nothing happened, nothing at all the game wasn't launching so i downloaded the hextech repair tool and reinstalled the game but when it was finished downloading the data(the one with 1.7gb)it said that there was some kind of error so i deleted the whole thing and redownloaded it from the site where i downloaded it the first time, the update finished(both the 1.7gb and the 5.5gb) but when i logged into the game it took longer than usual to open and then when the game finally opened i wasn't able to create a lobby or join one when i hover my mouse over the play button up left it says we aren't able to create a lobby reopen the client(or something like that) and my owned champions weren't showing, my friend list was only showing names and no profile pics so i deleted the game again and redownloaded it from the same site this time it was working fine and i played like 2 or 3 games then closed the game, then the next day when i tried opening the game it was just like before(i can't create a lobby or join one and the other stuff) and since then i haven't able to play, i have't redownloaded it since then is there a fix?
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