Fixing Ranked Matchmaking

Welcome to a short rant about ranked. I've spent the last couple of months wondering why we have a league system with tiers and divisions if, clearly, none of that matters. Currently I'm Silver 4/3 and been hardstuck there because of the high probability of having high golds/low plats in the enemy team and the also high probability of having straight up only silver 4/bronze 1 in mine. It is known very well that our hidden mmr determinates our teammates and our enemies but still, I'm not aiming to be diamond or even plat I'm just trying to climb and I get discouraged when I find out that I lost against a plat 2 or something (actually in normal games I played against a masters player once and it was the worst experience I had in league). I understand that only by playing against someone stronger can one become stronger and for someone in challenger silver and plat is the same trash. But to me the gap is enormous and you can't expect me to suddenly improve for whatever reason. If the league system exists then it should be the ONLY system and here's how it's supposed to work: tier x division y will play with and against players of the same tier and division unless in promos where the division is y-1 or in case of it already be 1 then the tier is x+1. This is the only way to assure we don't get f*cked by mathematical means. Statistics are worth what they are worth. If this system existed and you won a game then it would mean that you deserve to progress, but as it stands, I'll continue scraping the bottom of silver trying to keep a 50% winrate against high gold and low plat.
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