Delay when casting spells?

So, I noticed this started happening since yesterday and it really keeps ruining my games/plays(Support main). So in-game I have around 30-40FPS and a 47ms ping all the time. So I have everything on smart-cast. I mostly play {{champion:201}}. So before this, I usually have my cursor towards the enemy ADC, I click E(Shield) and quickly jump to my ADC, It usually ends up normally, shield towards enemy and me jumping to my teammate. But now, when I would click E I have to keep my mouse locked at the direction I want it to activate and right click a few times for it to work properly. Even with the ult, I point my mouse on the enemy team, click R, Then jump to my teammates and instead of ulting the enemy the ult goes onto my team? This never happened until yesterday? Also on a game with Yasuo(Just messing around), I had my E(Dash?) on rank 6, so its 0.1s CD? And usually I would just put my mouse on a minion for example and click E and it would start dashing, but now instead of instantly dashing there's a 0.5-2s delay everytime I would try to dash? This really keeps messing up my games? Where's the problem?
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