Game feels slowing down when i go attacking (please solution?)

Hi all, Im experience a sort of delay (slow down) of the game when im going into a fight. Its like FPS drops but i have constantly 200fps+. Can someone help me please? I have tried many things, like vsync on/off i even have G-Sync. But this is not working too. Its very hard to explain but the problem is that i always experience some sort of lag/delay or something. My specs are: i5-2500k @ 4.2ghz, GTX980 4gb, 12gb ram. My monitor is a Asus PG248Q, it can be boosted to 180hz, but usually i play at 144hz.. Im getting kinda stuck :( I also have 50mb download speed, 15ping always so my internet is not the problem too? What ive already tried: -Reinstall drivers (with DDU) -Playing with or without Geforce Experience -Playing on 60hz,100hz,120hz,144hz, almost tried all settings in Nvidia drivers. -Actually too many things already.... Thanks all! Thanks!
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