Hello from EU

Dear Riot, can I ask you what's the proble with the servers in EU? It is not enough the shitty figure that you've done with CLASH in EUW for months? Each time that there is an update in EUW/EU ( some updates after at least one week od difference than the other servers), there are a lot of problems, Now we're not able to login, with clash after several weeks noone was able to start a match. Problems, problems, problems every patch: new cahmpion, new mission, new map......... It's better do skin for lux, so the player in the other servers can buy it. Can you use a little bit of budget to fix the servers in EUW? Also in EU there are player that spend money on this bugged games. Thanks, a player from EU that can't play and don't have nothing to do ---------- UPdate 23:03 GMT : oh now LOL works after 6 hours....for the moment
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