So my account got hacked,and I have some questions

Somebody figured out the login & password to my main account(which are in no way related to my in game name,and I haven't clicked any weird links so idk how they got that),logged in while I was afk - I actually got a message that "someone logged onto this account from another computer" - and changed my password & email address associated with the account. I have already written a message to the support,but I have a question. Since I didn't go through the website ticket creation process and just sent an email straight at,I do not know whether my ticket is actually getting updated. After I posted my first message,I got assigned a number,which basically acted as a confirmation for me that everything is working as it is supposed to.However,once I actually got an answer from a Riot employee and then replied straight to him,I didn't get any confirmations. Are the messages getting through? I apologize for panicking but I REALLY want my account back,and it's been over 24 hours since I got a reply. Second,should I just make a ticket anyway and start the process all over,or do I just have to be patient? I mean,it would look suspicious,with 2 tickets asking for access to the same account,but if it would speed up the process... At least I didn't have any RP and no credit card assigned to my acc so this jackass thief cannot gift himself anything. I would like to play some ranked though,and I can't do it on this acc because it's not even lvl 30. Anybody with similar experience who can tell me how long does it actually take for Riot to get it done?
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