this is why elo hell exists

I was GOLD or Silver in all past seasons is LoL. This season the smart placement system placed me b3 ( althought i was S5 last season and i went 6-4 in my placements). Anw since I have always been a gold/silver player and since the system works fine i should be out of bronze easily right? Nope.Here is why: People in bronze(and low silver) have their own retarded way that they play the game. They dont understand simple strategies or things like map awareness, or objective control. They literally cant follow a good play or take advantage of a clever ping. For instance I was playing shaco and the enemy adc and support were low hp under their tower. So I went in and ult in a way that my clone absorbs the tower hits and went in for the kill. If my teammates were on my level and understood the logic behind my play they would go in and secure 2 easy kills+ potentially tower or drake. However being mindless bronze zombies they stood back and pinged me to go away. Thus I ended up burning flash (and my ult) to escape. Subsequently not only did I not get rewarded for my play but i ended up in a deficit (burned flash) Another example is when u win a team fight and u have the chance to get an inhib but bronzies go baron instead cz they are too dumb to understand that killing an inhib is more important (basic objective understanding). So this is why elo hell is real, u are trapped in this zone of mindless zombies where no1 can react properly to your superior plays that would have helped the team win. Think about the situation as playing football with 4 obese teammates. U can give them the best through-balls in the world, if they are too fat to run after the ball all your good work is for nothing.
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