How to get S

**These are just my theorys but it works all the time for me** Take objectives when possible: * Call baron (without failing/throwing) * Call dragon (without failing/throwing) * Call turrets/inhibitors (without failing/throwing) When you make succesful calls, the chance getting S+ in grade is very, very high Don't go for kills when you can take objectives Don't go for creeps when you can take objectives Go for kills/creeps when you can't go for objectives Be involved in teamfights Don't join the teamfight if you think you have better **successful** decision makings that leads your team into victory. **Summary:** you need to have VERY GOOD decision makings, and KEEP HAVING very good decision makings until the end of the game! Decision makings that leads you into **victory**. So, when you have the best KDA, and you get A+ but your support get S, then it pretty much means that your support has pushed your team into victory **better than you**. Hey... it's a support ;) Yet, A+ is actually a good grade! Hope this all helps!
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