14 Day ban seemingly out of nowhere after one game, not complaining just questioning

Brief context of my league career. 2 years ago was pretty toxic, got several 75 game bans etc and made a conscious effort to reform myself. 2 years later ive had no bans since bar one 10 game ban about a year and a half a go. However I was playing a game with a vayne who was very toxic, with numerous racist and homophobic slurs. I muted her, however after the game I received a 14 day ban which surprised me as I've never had one of these in my career. Evidence provided was for only one game, is this indicative of my overall behaviour or just this one game which caused the ban? Without trying to sound bias I didn't think what I typed was positive I agree, yet I have to question if it warrants a 14 day ban. Game 1 xyracom: play safe early. if mid or adc gets behind we struggle xyracom: gj xyracom: how did he bypass the ward xyracom: tpe xyracom: wait he didnt tp xyracom: love how op lethality is xyracom: except it doesnt xyracom: not really xyracom: this wukong barely farms xyracom: why is no one respecting his roam xyracom: only cvause you guys get roamed on xyracom: you picke dvayne xyracom: into a losing lane xyracom: i cant ward for you xyracom: then ward xyracom: pretty obv xyracom: muted xyracom: i xyracom: you're silver 2 xyracom: yes you are xyracom: we lost this in champ select xyracom: cause we picked 2 super late game champs xyracom: l xyracom: you;'yr 2 nand 5 xyracom: you uatisitc/ xyracom: yea iim muting xyracom: i cant ward for you xyracom: both do nothing in low elo xyracom: how you're 7 and 1 titls me xyracom: a bot that doesnt ward tilts me xyracom: wh ycontest xyracom: just back off surely xyracom: tbh it was an awful draft xyracom: azir xyracom: balance dlehtality there xyracom: so have you xyracom: you can tplay azir xyracom: dont bother xyracom: you dont do damage xyracom: thats the problem xyracom: no point xyracom: cause we will just die xyracom: muted xyracom: you're bad xyracom: how you fed him is beyond me xyracom: i deid once to him in lane xyracom: i used it to save a tower and get a kill xyracom: you're 2 and 7 xyracom: anyone else get tilted by the "vayne mains" xyracom: who dont realise their are infinitely better and easier adcs xyracom: donbt over extend xyracom: we have 0 ward coverage damn xyracom: we need to ward xyracom: a 4/16 bo tlane xyracom: christ xyracom: oh and vayne died xyracom: really braum xyracom: you were low xyracom: report vayne xyracom: ty vayne xyracom: group up as 5 xyracom: sigh xyracom: love it xyracom: when we geta shit team comp and the 2 carries xyracom: boosted vayne xyracom: 8/12 vayne xyracom: report vayne for verbal abuse please I should mention that the 4/16 botlane comment was intended for my friend over friend chat and I mistyped. If someone could point out the parts that warranted the 14 day ban then that would be appreciated as I really would like to prevent this happening again. I suspect the reference to azir and Vayne's play was what did it though I didn't think it to be too extreme. Appreciate any help Kind regards Xyracom
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