League Account to Riot Account, Riot Account is resetted

Hi guys, a few days ago, I changed my League account to a Riot account and I had to pick a new username. I did this and today I logged in with my new username. Now my Riot account is a complete new account, my friends list is deleted, I have no champions, all my skins, etc. is gone. I thought of a mistake and tried to use my old account details, but Riot of course does not recognize them. My old account is still there, when I look it up it comes up with my old username, even the League+ app on my phone still works. It only works on my phone, because I never logged out, when I try it on my computer I get an error message which states that my username is unknown to the system. Does anyone have similar problems? I really hope my account isn't gone, since I invested a lot of time in it.
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