Wtf is going on with the game,why is the game loading so slowly?

I don't understand,this was never a issue before. Now loading into matches takes 2 to 3 minutes. AND WHAT REALLY BOTHERS ME,IS THAT SOMETIMES THE GAME LOADS FOR 4 MINUTES THEN IT INSTANTLY CLOSES TO SHOW YOU THE POST GAME SCREEN,TELLING YOU THAT GAME HAS ALREADY STARTED EVEN WHEN YOUR LOADING WAS AT 100% AND YOU JUST GOT A LEAVERBUSTER FOR SOMETHING THAT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Jesus christ my computer is good and my connection is strong and stable why is this happening? Why does the game take so long to load now? Why do I get a leaverbuster when the game literaly bamboozles me,starting the game for others and leaving me in the loading screen even if it was ready at 100%?
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