Frame skips, stuff 'n' things.

So yeah this game is: * Skipping frames * Having delays * Having minions skip frames/distance/turbo speed etc * Champions getting randomly stuck into terrain and then teleporting forward (rare bug) Checked with MSI afterburner that game was using my GPU at very unstable pace. It was usually at around 30-45% usage, then spiked to 70% for a moment. In-game I get 50-60 ping, safely 150+ FPS at all times but FPS is never stable (always goes +- 30 or even more). When I turn V-Sync on everything is delayed and not as sharp. When I turned FPS cap on to 60FPS everything also feels off sync and some weird bugged line appeared on the screen (similar bug is known to happen with FS15). Computer isn't overheating. Computer isn't too weak for the game. These things only happen in League. I can run Crysis 3 ultra settings 60+ FPS stable. **PC Specs:** *i5-4670K @ 3,4Ghz GTX 770 2Gb 8Gb 1600 Mhz DDR3 Corsair Vengeance Pro RAM 1TB Western Digital blue HDD 120GB Samsung Evo SSD 750W Corsair HX750 PSU*
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