Is a hotfix on its way?

I have posted about this problem before (I think 2 days ago): "The game loads in strangely. Before the patches I got in the game at 0:00 as it should be. Any time before 10 seconds into the game would be managable, but I'm now loading into the game at 0:30. This is really annoying as I pretty much destroy any oppurtunity for invades/counter invades for my team. Before people are gonna start calling "buy a new pc", I haven't had this problem ever before now." In the meantime I have been keeping track of people that seemed to have the same problem. My observation was that every game 2-3 players load into the game 20+ seconds later than should be (I have asked them and they confirmed the issue). I also asked a friend of mine to keep track of this issue, and the same thing was observed. I don't want to sound like I'm blaming anyone, but this is getting ridiculous. Usually the ranked queues are disabled for every small problem negatively influencing the game. But now, nothing is done. There is not even a message on Boards saying that this issue is looked into. The closest one was about "longer loading times" and it is said to be SOLVED (?!).
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