Freezing system,forced restart issue

If youve been watching the boards a bit w bugs and stuff u can see I post a lot but I just decided to do so lately coz the game and things are just upside down and I am not having it anymore. Anyway today we are going to dive into something different. I really need help, I would appreciate any ideas and suggestions because this thing has been going on for the longest time for me and nobody has any idea what is it. It started happening so frequently Im getting very pissed and its keeping me from the league experience and Im worried to start a game at this point. I play on a notebook, Lenovo ideapad 80SV with Windows 10 Home. This bug started like a year ago, once in 2 months maybe. Now its almost daily. Im angry. Basically- I play normally everything is fine. The next second it makes this noise, like an error window that you are trying to close. Everything freezes. I cant move the cursor,click anything and neither escape shortcuts dont work such as windows button,running task manager etc. Nothing. The only thing that works is forced restart. (turn the laptop off and reopen, Its not like I can acess the screen to choose that) Its so frustrating. And it happens a lot and im on the verge of a leaver here while i reconnect after like 4 minutes. Its keeping me from playing. And it only happens when Im playing League. I dont know what to do anymore. No the system isnt overheated. No the fan doesnt stop to work. No, no key or click triggers that action. No apps are running on the background. No apps are sending me a notification or anything. The laptop is 1 yr old so its not some old brack. Its not dusted. There hasnt been anything spilled on it or anything. It just one day started to do this. And I have no idea why. So please, if you are someone who knows about this stuff and you can give me any tips or ideas on what this might be or how to possibly stop it, leave me a comment,ill be blessed for any idea because this is unreal and ive been struggling for SO LONG. I am not a computer pro, neither some IT but yes ik how to search the internet and the internet has not gotten a single damn idea. Just, please someone atleast try to help me out or let me know if this same thing has been happening to you. Im aware this doesnt look like a League problem,but it only happens when im playing League and im desperate and no internet forum so far has helped me regain the full experience of playing and being there for my team.{{sticker:sg-janna}}
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