Three words: Refund my LP

Good afternoon everyone! My internet connection is pretty decent,usually I play with 55-59 and it rarely gets higher than 70ms ingame. So I was with 76 LPs pretty close to achieve promotions and since i had a 6 wins and 1 defeat in the last 7 games, and for some reason only earning 18 LPs when my mmr was actually higher than my rank is also strange, I decided to go play SoloQueue. So I got to Champion Select and right of the bat i noticed that I almost missed my ban because it looked like the game froze. I Managed to ban {{champion:555}} and picked {{champion:497}} . I got to the loading screen and everyone was 100% including myself except my mid laner {{champion:34}} that was at 0%. When she started to load up my game crashed and said: Trying to reconnect. So I spammed the reconnect button and was not able to reconnect until my team remade the game. So Riot Games decided me to punish me by taking me away 19LPs and I was like: Im the only one using the internet so why cant I reconnect ?? To check if it was an Internet Issue I decided to go open some apps like the youtube page and was able to load the video. I Opened the Discord and all servers were working fine loading the messages. And after receiving the penalty I decided : well im going to queue again to see if it works now that i checked the internet is doing fine. In the champion select screen it happened again. Almost missed my ban but managed to ban {{champion:143}} . Took {{champion:497}} again and the Loading screen appeared. Everyone got to 100% except my mid laner who actually was the same person in the last champion select but this time was playing {{champion:61}}. When she starts to load my game crashes again. And i was like : **NOT AGAIN** For some reason my team didnt forfeit and i thank them for that but I only reconnected at the 5min mark. The game didnt DC again until the 14-18 min mark which happened to be a fight in our jungle that led to not only me but my jungler aswell Disconnect at the same time. I managed to reconnect but my jungler only returned at the 21min mark but only to disconnect again. We lost the game and with that 19League points , again. Im going to post a screnshoot i took after the game ended and u can see in the background Discord working just fine. This screenshot was taken 3 min after the first one and u can see my browser in the background opening the League of Legends Boards This screenshot was taken 6 min after the second one and u can see my tabs in the background opening Discussions of people with similiar issues. This is my 1st game match history link : This is my 2nd game match history link : This issue took away from me 38LPs , time i wasted in-game , trying to reconnect and writting this discussion and It wasn't my fault. If possible i would like to have them back because I didnt left the game on purpose in any of the games and we all know it was the server fault so... give my lps back pretty pls {{sticker:cass-cry}} **Disclaimer** : im not shaming any player on my team or from the enemy team. I posted the screenshots to show the issue i had and not to shame others.
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